Chip series: GeForce® RTX 3090 Ti

Product Series: Tomahawk series

Graphics Chip: GA102

Core Craft: 8nm

CUDA Core: 10752

Base Frequency: Base:1560Mhz; Boost:1860Mhz

Video Memory Rate: 21Gbps

Memory Capacity: 24GB

Video Memory Bit Width: 384 bit

Video Memory Type: GDDR6X

Video Memory Bandwidth: 1008GB/s

External Power Supply: 1*16Pin

Power Supply Design: 18+3

TDP Power Consumption: 480W

Display Interface: 3 x DP + HDMI

Fan Type: Fan

Number & Specification of Heat Pipe: 7*Φ6

Fan Smart Start and Stop: Yes

Recommended Power: 1000W and above

DirectX: DirectX 12 Ultimate/OpenGL4.6

Support NV technology: NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA G-SYNC, 2nd Gen Ray Tracing Cores

Graphics Card Type: Super Three Slots

Product Size: 327 x 139 x 60 mm

Product Weight: 1.7KG(N.W)

Product Acessories: Warranty Card, Instruction Manual

Slot Type: PCIe 4.0

Colorful Tomahawk GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Deluxe Edition GPU